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“The instructors are great and were very patient with me, this school has everything you need.”

“If you are serious about being a trucker, go to a school that cares about you. This school is it.”

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Your Career Begins with CDL Training in Las Vegas 

A Class A Commercial Driver’s License is your ticket to a great career. Here’s what makes it great:

· There’s a trucker shortage nationwide--truckers are in demand everywhere--and the demand is expected to increase in the next 10 years.
· Over-the-Road truckers can start at $45,000 - $55,000 per year.
· Truckers who work for companies make over $80,000.
· Owner-operators can make $125,000 - $175,000 per year as their own boss.


The rising demand for qualified truck drivers is a great opportunity for you. In only four weeks, you can receive all the training you need at DTR School of Trucking. You’ll be ready for your written and road tests, and our Placement Department works for you to find that great first job.

You may even be hired before you finish your training!

  • State-certified Testing
  • Lifetime Job Placement Services

Selena said: It was an amazing experience, My instructors were very great instructors! they are very polite, intelligent, extremely patient people!!! xD ! They well teach every step, everything you need to know including (safety), especially very Funny People! I Had a Blast and you will too! I highly recommend this school…

Ivan said: I want to start by saying that this the best school to come to learn and get your CDL. From the class room to the exercise out in the range to the actual driving on the road. I really recommend people come and do their schooling at DTR school of Trucking.

Reginald said: DTR School of Trucking was the best decision I've made in a long time.The instructors and the curriculum were right on point. They give you insight into the Trucking industry.I would highly recommend this trucking school not only to beginner truck drivers, but also any one interested in trucking education.

CDL Courses in Las Vegas

We offer five courses -- take the one which best fits your needs and schedule. Whether you’ve never been in a truck or have decades of experience, we have the right training for you. We also offer corporate training.


This is the full, four-week training course. In this course, you’ll learn what you need -- knowledge and skills -- to pass the road tests.

You’ll spend 40 hours each week learning what to do, and then practicing how to do it.

You’ll learn in our conventional 3-axle tractors and 53-foot trailers.

You’ll be ready for entry level positions as local or over-the-road drivers. We’ll also make sure you are able to think about becoming an owner-operator.


This 3-week course allows you to focus your time on skills not classroom training. You’ll be spending most of your time in and around our trucks.

You’ll spend 40 hours per week for three weeks, making sure you are ready for the road tests.

You’ll learn in our 3-axle tractors and 53-foot trailers -- on our range and out on the road.

Students of this course are ready for entry-level positions, and we provide full job-placement services for our students.

Class A CDL Two Week Refresher Course

This course is aimed at people with prior trucking experience who are ready to get back on the road. You should have good skills already.

This course takes 40 hours over two weeks.

You’ll be working on our range as well as driving on the road.

Our lifetime job placement services are available to you on completion, and you’ll be eligible to work for any major trucking company in the United States.

Class A CDL One Week Refresher Course

This course is designed for students with truck driving experience -- with or without a current CDL. We expect that you have good truck driving skills, but need to brush up on a few either to be a better driver or to take a test again.

This accelerated program takes 20 hours over one week.

We train you on our range and out on the road.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be eligible for our lifetime job placement services, and ready for a job with any U.S. major trucking company.


This course provides you training to drive trucks locally and passenger buses. You'll be able to spend your nights at home and land a great career with your Class B.

1 week 20 hours

Your training will give you all you need to know to drive local trucks and buses. We have state-certified examiners on site, and will help you find a great new job!


Prepare for your CDL Permit at DTR School of Trucking

Night and Weekend Classes available

3 days -- $500

We GUARANTEE you’ll get terrific training and lifetime job placement support.

Professional truck driver training in Las Vegas

About The School

Professional truck driver training in Las Vegas

The goal of DTR School of Trucking is making sure that each of the school’s graduates is ready to be a safe, professional CDL Class A driver. Our courses provide each student with all the knowledge and skills needed for them to create successful careers driving trucks.

Our instructors have all worked as over-the-road drivers for many years. Our owner has been in the trucking industry for 38 years. All of our instructors share the benefits of their decades of experience behind the wheel with you. We keep all our classes small, giving you a personal, hands-on experience which guarantees success.

Another service we give you is our ability to test you. We are a licensed Third Party Company, and you won’t have to wait to demonstrate your skills at the DMV -- we will provide the road skills tests for you.

We GUARANTEE you’ll get terrific training and lifetime job placement support.

Professional truck driver training in Las Vegas


Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.

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